Well, it has passed more than one week that Spain lost against Italy in quarter-final of the Euro. More than talk about what happened in the match, something very clear for everyone: a limited Italy was better than Spain, I want to talk about the spanish national team future.

For one side, Vicente Del Bosque said already he will leave the bench, and most probably the goalkeeper who brought the glory to the national team, Iker Casillas, too. On the other hand, I want to remember that the top scorer of the national spanish team, David Villa, already left; along with (in my opinion) the best spanish player in the history: Xavi Hernandez, and the best defensor: Carles Puyol. Let´s add to this picture: Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, the best Iniesta

When a team loses their best players of his history, is not losing just some men, it loses, in this case, the quality to play the best football. And it is a big problem for Spain… Why?
Let´s think that Spain has won in the last years 2 Euro tournaments in a row and a World Cup practising not just any kind of football, but playing the best football in the history of the spanish national team. Will be the spanish players and the new coach ready to reinvent their football and be as competitive as they were before?

When I say “reinvent”, I´m not talking about to change the style that gave us the best years of spanish football, it would be in my opinion a big mistake. I´m talking about being competitive even if the team can´t rule a match or the other team is better during the game. The italians know well about that. They can be as competitive as the best teams even if they have a mediocre squad (like in this Euro tournament)

We will have to wait some time to clarify most of the questions. The first step will be to find the new national coach. I´ve read about the possible options: Joaquín Caparrós, José Antonio Camacho, Julen Lopetegui, Michel and Paco Jémez. In my opininon Camacho is the past, Caparrós have an idea of football totally opposite of the spanish style and I think that Míchel and Lopetegui have not the level to lead the future of the spanish football. I have my preference: Paco Jémez. A coach who will not betray the spanish style and will be working as hard as the most to bring back the best days of the spanish football. At least I hope so…