Spanish national soccer team passes over his rival (8-0) in a comfortable match in front of the spanish supporters

We have to look back long ago to find a similar outcome for Spain in a World Cup qualifiers (it was 9-0 against Portugal in 1934) It would be unfair to say that nobody expected a quiet match, but these days is not easy to find those kinds of results, even if the rival is Liechtenstein.
The Spain first eleven was very similar to the one that beat Belgium a few days ago, but with Diego Costa and Sergio Roberto instead Morata and Carvajal. Feelings also were very similar.

Diego Costa scored with a header in the 10th minute of the game and made everyone thought that after the first one, many more would come. It was what happened at the end, but during the first half Spain did not find the way to make the second goal. Was in the second half, with the entry of Nolito, when exploded the spanish storm. 65 minutes of the match and the score was 6-0. Sergi Roberto, Silva (2), Vitolo, Diego Costa (2) and Morata (2) closed the match with an unusual 8-0

For the stadistics, the goals of Silva were important as it makes the canarian playmaker the 5th top scorer (28) for the Spain National Team ever. Also, first time in a World Cup qualifiers that 3 players of the same team make 2 goals each.

Spain celebration goal

Spanish players celebrate a goal (Image: Getty)

Spain First Eleven

1. De Gea

6. Sergi Roberto

3. Pique

15. Sergio Ramos

18. Jordi Alba

5. Busquets

10. Thiago

8. Koke

11. Vitolo

21. Silva

19. Diego Costa