Objectives of the soccer exercise: pressing, tackling, anticipation, interception

Description of the soccer game: with this soccer drill, we will seek to promote solidarity and defensive intensity during the pressure in numeric inferiority. For it, we have to create a 3 teams competition. Every squad will be composed by four players. Two teams will try to keep the ball possession while the other one have to find the way to get the ball. One of the teams will be on the lines as in the image and the players could be moving up and down on the lines. The other attacker team will be placed inside the area along with the defensive group. The teams have to change their role every 5 minutes. It the end of the drill, the squad that steals or clears more number of balls wins the game.

Pressing exercise 4 versus 8

Pressing drill four versus eight


– Get the ball before a certain number of passes