Objectives of the football game: dribbling the ball, passing the football, shooting

Description of the soccer drill: for this soccer exercise, we are going to set up an area of the pitch as in the image below. How big or small will be the area, depends on the level of the players. As you can notice, it going to be a situation of two versus two plus one goalkeeper. The youth attackers have to try to score using one of two these options:

  1. Dribbling the defender and beating the goalkeeper with a direct shot or a shot after dribble.
  2. Trying to kick the ball directly without no dribble.

The attackers (that will start every action at the opposite side of the goal behind the cones) have to decide what they think is the right option to do in every situation. You should let them choose what they want to do, even if they are wrong. The main objective of this drill is to help the young players to detect what is the right way to reach to their goal and for that; they have to commit lot of mistakes. You should guide them, but do not give them the solutions. Even if takes long time to make them understand what is the best to do.

2vs1 finishing

2 vs 1 finishing situation with 1 goalkeeper


– Finishing using only one touch