Objectives of the soccer exercise: passing the ball, control the ball, dribbling with the football

Description of the football game: we can use the centre circle of the pitch to set up this soccer drill. We divided a group of 6 players in three teams of two players each one. Two of the teams (4 attackers) located inside the limitated area have to try to keep the possession of the ball and keep it far from the other team. The defensive team formed by two players will try to recover the ball. Each pass through one of the three open goals (1-1.5 metres size) mean one point for the teams implicated. If the youth defenders recover the ball, the attacker who lost the ball and his partner then become defender while the other team become attackers. Win the team with more points at the end of the game.

4 vs 2 game with small goals

Four versus two game with small goals


– Limited the number of touches

– Score using one touch only