Objectives of the football game: passing the ball, control the ball, anticipation, interception.

Description of the youth soccer drill: we are talking about the classic Spanish or Barcelona rondo. In this case, we are going to see the basic one. This game can be done as in the image, using four outsider players and one inner player. Outsider players have to be positioned like in the picture, between two cones each. They have to take this as a reference because they have to keep moving up and down over the imaginary line of the cones. Also they can move some distance forward and backward, depending of the circumstances.

The outsider players has to keep the ball possession, while the inner player has to get the ball from them. Once the inner player gets the ball, he exchanges the position with the player who lost the ball or made the mistake.

Basic Rondo


– Limit the number of touches

– Reduce the space between the cones