Objectives of the soccer exercise: laterality, coordination, speed, stop, acceleration, changes of direction, turns, looking up.

Description of the football drill: A space on the pitch has to be divided in three zones: the middle zone will be called the river and will be thinner than the other ones, called secure zones. For this soccer game you should adjust the size of the area according the numbers and ages of the kids you are training. One player is “the crocodile” and he must try to tag the other players (only moving through the middle area). These have to cross the river and try to avoid the “crocodile”.

You can play this youth soccer training drill in two ways:

In the first one, any tagged player become the crocodile and from that time, he plays that role instead the previous one. In the second one, any tagged player become a crocodile and he joins the first one. In this case, the winner is the last player who become crocodile.

Soccer training drill - Cross the river


– Cross the river backwards

– Cross the river hopping on one leg

– Playing the game in pairs (holding one hand)

Football exercise: Cross the river (Download the PDF here)