La Roja controlled the match, scored first but in a silly penalty made by Ramos the italians balanced the score just 10 minutes before the end of the game

The history of the game was the same that most of us have seen before. On one side, Spain controlling the ball, looking for a chance to break the wall that they had in front of them but with the feeling that would not create a real danger close to the goal. On the other side, Italy trying to accumulate footballers right in front of Buffon and waiting as a predator the right moment to attack.


1. De Gea, 2. Carvajal, 18. Jordi Alba, 3. Piqué, 15. Sergio Ramos, 5. Busquets, 6. Iniesta, 8. Koke, 21. Silva, 11. Vitolo and 19. Diego Costa. Also played 4. Nacho, 7. Morata and 10. Thiago Alcantara.

In the first half the spaniards created a good number of chances and the referee cancelled a legal goal to Diego Costa. Lopetegui´s team deserved clearly to be ahead in the scoreboard after the first 45 minutes. But football plays is a capricious sport….and much more when Italy appears in the picture.

Vitolo goal Italy

Vitolo celebration after score (Image: getty)

The second half took the same path and both teams did what they know to do better. And the spanish squad finally found their aim, but not through their way, precisely. Depth pass, Buffon make a mistake and Vitolo scores. The goal did not come after thirty passes and an amazing play, but it counts. One to nil.

And it was in that moment and when Inmobile came on the pitch, when Italy changed. Nothing special at all, but at least they tried to find De Gea goal. One last clear chance was in Vitolo feet, but the canarian player missed a great option to finish with the hope of the transalpine team.

The fatal moment for the 2010 FIFA World Champions came in the 80th minute, with a innocent penalty commited by Sergio Ramos over Eder. De Rossi kicked the ball inside the net. From that time until the end nothing would change the contest.

With this point Spain is second in the table with four points right behind Albania, that leads the G group with six points. Precisely the spanish national soccer team will play the next math of group against the albanians next October 9th in Shkoder.