The spanish teams of La Liga (FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Celta Vigo and Villarreal) start this week their way to the final of the european competitions.

UEFA Champions League (Matchday 1 /  Group Stage)

FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid open this Tuesday the participation of the Spanish teams in the greatest contest of the European football. The day after will be the turn for the current winner Real Madrid and the Europa League champion Sevilla FC.

FC Barcelona will have a home match against the current leader of the Scottish Premiership, a classic team in the editions of the Champions League: Celtic FC. Will be interesting to see the performance of Luis Enrique team after their defeat in La Liga. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid (with Griezmann in an excellent shape) will fly to Netherlands to play an good match versus PSV Eindhoven.

Day after Real Madrid will receive Cristiano´s former team and the present leader of the portuguese soccer league: Sporting CP. In the other side, Sevilla FC will travel to Italy to face the almigthy Juventus in a promising match.

UEFA Europa League (Matchday 1 / Group Stage)

On Thursday will be time for the Europa League. Villarreal CF will be the only one of the three spanish teams in the tournament that play a home match against Zurich FC. Curiously the swiss team is currently playing in the Challenge League, the second swiss division after their relegation in May. Celta Vigo, that is back to an european competition after long, will reach to Belgium to play versus St. Liege trying to grab their first three points. Finally, Athletic Bilbao will have an atractive match in Italy against Sassuolo, the revelation team in the Serie A last year.